Welcome to the UPA!

Tip of the Week: Remember Penguins! Stay in uniform at all times, especially during battles!

Hello there fellow penguin! Welcome to the first post for the United Penguin Army.

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First off something that will be included in the army is “medals”. To receive medals you must come to events and comment.

Here are some examples of ways to earn medals.

  • Wars – 20 medals
  • Invasions [Non-Wars] – 15 medals
  • Defenses – 20 medals
  • Practice Battles – 10 medals
  • Commenting on the site – 1 medal
  • On chat for an hour – 3 medals
  • Tactic Session – 7 medals
  • Chat/CP Recruiting – 10 medals
  • Recruiting One Person [Without the army] – 5 medals

To learn more about the medal system please check the “Medals” page or click https://unitedpenguinarmy.wordpress.com/medals/.


Next we have leadership. Many people want owner in the UPA. If we could give it to you freely, we would, but there will be many owners in this army. The UPA will have a 2-2-3 owner system. Which means we will have a max of two Generals, two Lieutenant Generals and three Major Generals. In short, we will have a max of seven owners, unless something occurs.

If you only want to join for a high rank, we do not want you here. We want loyal soldiers. Loyal soldiers will climb the ranks quickly. If they do not have enough medals but they are loyal they will probably even get a triple promotion.

We would prefer loyalty over experience.


Soldier of the Month

At the end of every promotion post there will be the Soldier of the Month. The title itself is pretty much explanatory. The award will be given to the soldier who has shown loyalty, integrity, respect, and activeness towards the UPA. The soldier will receive owner for two weeks and also will be allowed to make a post on the UPA site. This soldier will be given a double promotion as well for that month. If no one receives this award, the SoTM will go to no one.


Fight like an Army

Stay United





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  1. i want to join

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